First Steps On The Moon: AR app

How might we re-create man’s first steps on the moon in augmented reality?


Project Overview

The NYCML Fellowship

My Role

We decided upon this project brief as a group, pulling from our own experiences with aging or recently passed family members. I created UX flows and collaborated on the visual design with my teammates. I helped lead background research and user testing.


Scope: 12 weeks

Categories: User Research, Product Design, Augmented Reality

Role: Research, User Testing, UX/UI Design, Copywriting

Team: Jennifer Wei, Crystal Wang, Abhinav Sircar

Tools: Figma, Principle, Torch, Unity


Memento is an iPad app that helps patients in palliative care reflect on their life history, lessons and values by creating a legacy of stories shared with their loved ones.


For Patients


For Loved Ones



A look into our process is in the works!