Memento: iPad app

How might we enable patients in palliative care to share their legacies?


Project Overview

Patients in palliative care experience a lonely and vulnerable journey as they near their end of life, or reach a state of non-recovery. With varying levels of attention from loved ones, they can struggle to find channels of communication that maintain their sense of identity, pride and agency. Inspired by Dignity Therapy, Memento allows patients in palliative care to share their memories, life lessons and values to create a lasting legacy — a deeply personal memento.

My Role

We decided upon this project brief as a group, pulling from our own experiences with aging or recently passed family members. I created UX flows and collaborated on the visual design with my teammates. I helped lead background research and user testing.


Scope: 2 months

Categories: User Research, Product Design

Role: Research, User Testing, UX/UI Design, Copywriting

Team: Yumeng Ji, Jennifer Wei,
Xiaoxi Yuan

Tools: Sketch, Principle


Memento is an iPad app that helps patients in palliative care reflect on their life history, lessons and values by creating a legacy of stories shared with their loved ones.


For Patients


For Loved Ones



A look into our process is in the works!